TUBES was founded in 2015 based on a simple idea: making wines and spirits accessible to everyone through serving by the glass. Our team is made up of wine lovers who want to share knowledge and passion for amazing wines and spirits with you. We have travelled the world and have searched high and low, spent many long days and nights tasting many different wines to bring the best wines and spirits for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, our brand has increased with other products like teas, olive oils, spices, chocolate truffles and several business propositions with unique benefits for sales channels like gifting, travel, retail and sampling in our quest to create a global brand.

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We aim to deliver the most environmentally friendly product we can deliver. In order to do so, our Research and Development team is constantly further developing our product and its production processes. At the moment, our Tubes are 100% recyclable in order to keep our processes as sustainable as possible. Furthermore, our RPET Tube is created out of 100% recycled PET material, therefore 100% sustainable!


Our technological innovation preserves organoleptic qualities of wines, spirits and other products. Our production facilities are fully certificated according to HACCP and IFS Standards. Furthermore, TUBES is granted by SKAL Biocontrole with a certification to bottle organic products. SKAL Biocontrole is the designated Control Authority responsible for the inspection and certification of organic companies in the Netherlands, within the context of Regulations: (EC) Nr. 834/2007, (EC) Nr. 889/2008 and (EC) Nr. 1235/2008.


We use an upscale IFS, HACCP and SKAL certified production facility with a patented technology that preserves the qualities of the products by using an inert environment. The use of liquid inert gas allows the wines to maintain their complete bouquet, flavor profile and mouthfeel throughout the fractionation process. Once the wine settles in its new home, it’s stable with no flaws, between 6 and 18 months, depending on the quality of the wine.