More than just wines by the glass

What started as a solution for wine critics only, has now turned into a collection of several other premium products. The success of our Tubes is based on elegant packaging combined with an authentic taste experience of the very best products. Currently, we offer a wide range of wines, cocktails, liquors, spirits, oils, herbs, spices, chocolate truffles and teas. All served in our 100% recycled glass or 100% recyclable rPET Tube.

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of our premium products

Exquisite wines

Try, review and enjoy wines by the glass. Discover Bordeaux, experience Provence and appreciate the New World. Take a journey through the best wine regions in the world!


Authentic liquor and spirits

Discover the richness of the aromatic world of spirits. Enjoy boutique gin distilleries, sun drenched rum plantations, good old cognacs and whiskies and vodkas from all around the world.

Intriguing flavoured oils

Delicious flavoured oils with a rich, full taste. Our special oil recipes have been created by connoisseurs in order to create unique and surprising flavour combinations.


Exotic herbs and spices

Refine your culinary creations with exquisite herbs and spices. Add the tastiest flavours from every continent and create your own tastes by making exciting combinations.

Mouth-watering chocolate truffles

Discover the delightful story of our sub brand Chapter Chocolate. Artisanal chocolate truffles made by the finest chocolatiers with a touch of elegance. The chocolate truffles are made by hand, allowing their texture and flavour to vary throughout the year.

chapter chocolate

Unique tea blends

Tea, in its purest and natural form. Our special tea blends have been created by the best tea sommeliers. Made by connoisseurs, in order to create a unique taste experience for tea lovers.