Over the last few years, TUBES has become more and more popular in the retail industry. Based on our premium tubes, we deliver unique propositions with commercial benefits for different kinds of retail outlets. Since our product is so versatile, we are able to cater to the individual needs of each retailer. At the moment, our products are mainly being sold at department stores and supermarkets.

Our retail assortment

Wine tasting kits

The most innovative wine tasting model as direct tasting marketing tool for the retail industry. A box with 4 or 6 RPET (recycled) tubes of wines to introduce your portfolio to consumers in a customized frequency and theme.


  • Targeted approach: new customers
  • Direct tasting
  • Generate data about tasting profiles
  • Upsell portfolio
  • Innovative brand awareness
  • Improve marketing spend per tasting
  • Opportunity for extra revenue to sell as a gift

Ready-made gift boxes

TUBES ready-made gift boxes consist of our premium products only. We have put together several tasting boxes which provide culinary journeys across the world. Our luxury black giftboxes contain products ranging from wines, olive oils and teas. The boxes have a window so customers can see what’s inside without opening them.


All boxes come with tasting notes and descriptive information about the products and their origin. In addition, we can provide (custom) sleeves for product branding and different occasions.


You’ll find a complete overview of our ready-made giftboxes here

Wine Advent Calendars

The holiday season will be extra festive with our Wine Advent Calendars! TUBES presents two Advent Calendars. The 12 Nights of Wine Box with 12 different wines and our 24 Wine Advent Calendar with 24 different wines. Count down the days until Christmas with a new glass of wine every day, starting on the 1st of the 13th of December.

Both calendars contain a specially selected mix of red and white wines from different (wine) countries. A glass of wine in the shape of an elegant tube is hidden behind each door. Discover a new favorite wine each night or organize a wine tasting!

The Advent Calendars contain 12 or 24 tubes of 100 ml. Each tube contains one glass of wine. Both boxes come with a wine menu with information about the wines behind the doors. This way, the Calendar is not just about drinking and enjoying wine, but it has an educational purpose as well.

The Advent Calendars can be customized in both design as contents. Retailers can use their own product assortment, which we can bottle in our tubes. Since the design of the box (and the wine menu) is also completely customizable, the Advent Calendars are suitable as a unique wine gift throughout the entire year.



Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to receive more information about our Retail propositions. We’d be happy to introduce you to the world of TUBES!


Bob Glatz | Sales Manager Retail


T: +31 (0) 35 303 4994

Please notice, we do not deliver empty tubes, our MOQ for bottling is 1.000 tubes per SKU.