Commercial advantages for the Retail Industry

The creation of our single serve by the glass solution allowed us to come up with several innovative concepts for the Retail Industry.

Direct Tasting Marketing Model, upsell your wide wine portfolio by letting your customers taste your wines by the glass.

TUBES Wine Advent Calendar, a calendar that counts down to Christmas and lets you discover a new glass of wine each night.

TUBES 6-pack of wine, the world’s first 6-pack of wines by the glass.

Get your benefits,
from our Tubes.

Direct Tasting Marketing Tool

The Direct Tasting Marketing Tool comes in a winetasting box with 3 or 6 tubes, composed in accordance with your marketing strategy. This allows you to promote and upsell your portfolio based on your targets. Besides this, you can create innovative brand awareness and increase your market share with loyal customers. Furthermore, the Direct Tasting Marketing Tool also benefits the customer, who is able to discover new wines. In addition, the customer is able to develop personal taste and try wines by the glass before buying the bottle.

Besides this, there are several other benefits from our Wine Marketing Tool.

Generate customer data
Increase brand loyalty
Innovative brand awareness
Target new customers
Improve marketing spend per tasting
Opportunity for extra revenue to sell as a gift

Some of our clients

TUBES Wine Advent Calendar

The TUBES Wine Advent Calendar contains 24 Tubes of 100ML wine. Each Tube serves as one glass of wine. An Advent Calendar is a special calendar to count down the days before Christmas. This allows your customers to countdown to Christmas and discover a new glass of wine each night. There are several ways in which you can customize the Calendar to your preferences. First of all, our wine assortment allows preparing the Calendar with all sorts of wines from Europe. Besides that, we can also prepare the Calendar with 12 Tubes.

To conclude, the TUBES Wine Advent Calendar has several benefits.

Unique and innovative product for the retail industry
Customizable with regards to the selection of wines
Made out of 100% recycled material

TUBES 6-pack of wine

We proudly present our TUBES 6-pack of wine, the world’s first 6-pack of wine. The TUBES 6-pack consists of six single serves wines by the glass (100ML). This allows your customers to enjoy a wine by the glass without opening a whole bottle. Furthermore, the 6-pack is in line with trends such as the increasing demand for on-the-go products and one-person households. Additionally, our 6 pack of Wine is customizable to your preferences with regards to the branding and beverage.

As a result, this innovative product for the retail industry comes with several benefits.

Stimulates consumption of alcohol in a more conscious way
Smaller formats of packaging
100% recyclable
At home or on the go
Matches the increasing one-person households

Innovative product for retail industry six pack of wine