Sampling service with customized frequency (Monthly, quarterly or annual). Provide your professional or consumer clients with a box containing 3 to 6 single-serve products for direct sampling of your portfolio

  • Your quality product directly tasted by your client or prospect
  • Generate extensive internal data
  • Create a valuable loyalty program
  • Upselling your preferred portfolio
  • Increase outreach to new clients
  • Increase number of existing clients
  • Innovative brand awareness
  • Improve your marketing spend per tasting
  • Realize cost-savings by using efficient sampling through single serve versus full-size bottles and boxes
  • Extra income/business through side-products
  • Perfect give away during professional fairs

Available for wine producers, spirit producers and olive oil producers. We believe in a completely hands-off approach. We provide full production, packaging, assembly and distribution. All you have to do is provide us with the product portfolio, information and marketing material. The product itself can be delivered in bulk (IBC), bag in box, or bottles. We work according to privacy standards and have a bounded warehouse with refrigerated storage.

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