Cost-, Space-, and Weight savings for the Travel Industry

Our single serve wine by the glass solution has become a well-known smart design concept within the Travel Industry. In 2019, at the WTCE Hospitality Awards in Hamburg, TUBES was awarded the “Best Onboard Beverage Award” for its innovative single serve wine. Furthermore, at that same event, our winetasting “Wineflight Box” was awarded the “One To Watch” for the most promising onboard beverage. Visit our blog to read more about why Tubes was awarded.

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Single serve Wines, Spirits & Cocktails

Over the past years, we have developed several single serves by the glass for the Travel Industry. Our current assortment contains single serve wines, spirits and cocktails by the glass. Packed in our innovative 100% recyclable RPET Tubes for several weight-, space-, and timesaving benefits. Especially for Airlines, Railways and Cruiselines, this results in serious commercial advantages. Furthermore, our single serve wines are fully customizable to your preferences with regards to the design and beverage.

As a result, our single serve wine comes with several commercial advantages for the Travel Industry:

Space-saving (127% more tubes in drawer vs 187,5ML bottle)
Weight-saving (40% less weight vs 187,5ML bottle)
Costs-saving in logistics
Unbreakable and sustainable
Long shelf-life (12 months) in 100% recycled material
Upsell as wine tasting, gift or food pairing for extra revenue

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Some of our clients

TUBES Wine Flights box

Our single serve wine for the Travel Industry creates a unique onboard wine tasting experience; The Wine Flights Box. This elegant box contains 4 single-serve 50ML rPET-tubes of wine. The box is a journey through the world of wine and contains information about the wineries and their wines. Furthermore, the box contains tasting notes and how information about how to taste wine. This is all presented in an educational and inspiring way.

Our Wine Flights box offers your customers a unique onboard wine experience. The box has won the “Ones To Watch Award” at the 2019 WTCE Hospitality Awards. The winetasting box is designed to fit in a standard ATLAS drawer, making it the perfect Buy on Board service to enjoy.

single serve wine for the hospitality industry wine flight box

Aperitivo box – Wine and Cheese

Together with Beemster Kaas, one of the largest cheese manufactures from Holland, we created a food pairing concept. Besides our single serve wine, the slim and flat cardboard box contains:

Red wine (100ML RPET Tube)
Premium Beemster cheese (also available as ambiant)
Jacob’s table crackers

The box is designed to fit in a standard ATLAS drawer and is a ready-made solution to deliver a unique tasting experience while travelling. Perfect for a Buy on Board service to enjoy your momento apero dinatoire.