Wineflight Box – Discover the world of wines

Try, review and enjoy wines by the glass. Discover France, experience Italy, enjoy Spain, and walk through the regions of Argentina. Come on a journey through the best wine regions in the world. TUBES gives you the chance to taste, appreciate and enjoy wines by the glass, in an unpretentious, educational and fun way. Learn about the wines, wineries, and regions. The box contains 4 tubes of 50ML red wine.

The winetasting box is designed to fit in a standard ATLAS drawer. The concept can easily offer a unique enjoyable winetasting experience without many handling. Perfect for a Buy on Board service to enjoy your momento apero dinatoire.

This concept is a ready-made solution which contains 4 wines and adds experience in food-service onboard. A new concept for the airline market. Not seen before on any commercial airline.